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Products / Drum Kits

We offer for hire a superb range of pro through premium drum kits, hardware and accessories plus top-of-the-line percussion instruments from brands including C&C Drums, DW – Drum Works, Evans, Gibraltar, Gretsch, LP – Latin Percussion, Ludwig, Meinl, Pearl, Porter & Davies, Pro Mark, REMO, Roland, Toca, Vic Firth, Yamaha and Zildjian

Drum kit hire includes as standard:
• 3-5pc shell pack inc. bass drum, snare, rack and floor tom/s
• Hardware inc. hi-hat stand, snare stand (x2), cymbal stands (x4), tom mounts/legs, kick pedal & throne
• Optional extras include Porter & Davies BC2 tactile throne (buttkicker), drum carpet, stage fan, drum heads*, gels, drum sticks, mounts, percussion and hardware.
• Drum heads must be specified (brand/model) – at an additional cost to kit hire. Standard inventory includes REMO Ambassador|Emperor and Evans G1|G2 in Clear and Coated versions – subject to availability.

C&C Player Date II (6pc)
22BD 20BD 10RT 12RT 13RT 14FT 16FT
• Silver Sparkle •
DW Collectors Maple (8pc)
22BD 20BD 8RT 10RT 12RT 13RT 14FT 16FT 18FT
• Black Oyster •
Gretsch Brooklyn - Satin Black Metallic
Gretsch Brooklyn (5pc)
22BD 10RT 12RT 16FT + Snare
• Satin Black Metallic •
Gretsch USA Custom (4pc)
22BD 12RT 16FT + Snare
• Natural Satin •
Gretsch Renown (5pc)
20BD 10RT 12RT 14FT + Snare
• Natural Satin •
Ludwig Classic Maple “FAB” (4pc)
22 BD 13RT 16RT + Snare
• Burgundy Pearl •
Ludwig Classic Maple (5pc)
22BD 13RT 16FT 18FT + Snare
• Vintage Black Oyster •
Mapex Saturn (6pc)
22BD 10RT 12RT 14FT 16FT + Snare
• Brunswick Green •
Pearl Reference (9pc)
22BD 10RT 12RT 13RT 14RT 14FT 16FT 18FT + Snare
• Twilight Fade •
Pearl Reference (7pc)
22BD 8RT 10RT 12RT 14FT 16FT + Snare
• Scarlet Black Sparkle •
Tama Starclassic Maple (6pc)
22BD 10RT 12 RT 14FT 16FT + Snare
• Silver Snow Racing Stripe •
Yamaha Absolute Custom Maple (5pc)
22 BD 10RT 12RT 14RT
• Vintage Black •